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Expertise as an Employment Mediator


Over a period of twenty years, Christine Page represented businesses and employees in employment disputes, prosecuting and defending claims through all stages of litigation, including jury trial, arbitration hearing, and appeal.  She also represented clients before the California Labor Commissioner, California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, EEOC, and Department of Labor Standards Enforcement.  Through this experience, she acquired subject matter expertise in the following areas:


n  Discrimination based on race, national origin, gender, age, religion, disability, and sexual orientation

n  Wrongful termination in violation of public policy

n  Failure to reasonably accommodate disability and/or engage in interactive process

n  Interplay of disability and workers compensation claims

n  Sexual harassment and harassment based on other protected classes

n  Good faith investigations of harassment and retaliation claims

n  Protected leave claims under FMLA, CFRA, and PDL

n  Violation of anti-retaliation statutes, including whistleblower claims

n  Invasion of employee privacy through testing or monitoring

n  Misappropriation of trade secrets and related unfair competition claims

n  Breach of compensation agreements, including commission and incentive pay terms

n  Class action and individual wage and hour violations, including misclassification of exempt or independent contractor status, meal/rest break requirements, and off-the-clock and other timekeeping issues,

n  PAGA claims

n  Unruh Civil Rights Act violations


Christine now serves as a mediator and arbitrator on employment disputes.  In addition to her private practice, Christine regularly mediates employment complaints as an attorney mediator with the Dispute Resolution Division of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.


Christine understands that the human element is key to resolving employment claims.  She focuses on understanding the emotional content so that she can guide the parties to make informed and rational decisions about their options.  She normally meets separately with each side but, depending on the dynamics of each case, may encourage parties and counsel to communicate directly with each other in open session in order to further mutual understanding or explore non-monetary settlement terms.

Christine Page, Mediator and Arbitrator, offers dispute resolution services in employment, real estate, business and FINRA-related disputes in the greater Los Angeles area.

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