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Christine offers both hourly and fixed full-day fee schedules. Both rates include all preparation time and pre-mediation calls with counsel and/or parties.

HOURLY: $600/HOUR on the day of mediation and follow-up telephonic mediation (four hour minimum)*

FULL DAY: $6,000 (includes unlimited hours of session time on the day of the mediation and reasonable follow-up work)

*In my experience, the hourly rate often proves to be more economical and provides greater flexibility to the parties. There are many disputes that are capable of settling, but not on the day of mediation. When this occurs, it is usually because one or both sides significantly overvalued their claims or defenses and additional time is needed to adjust to the new reality, or issues raised during the mediation require some follow up so that the parties can make an informed decision without unnecessary time pressure.

In those circumstances, tabling a mediation with action items for follow up can be a better strategy.  When parties agree to pick up on another day, I am tenacious with my telephonic follow-up and, if needed, coordinating a second session.




"A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he knows something" - Wilson Mizner

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